Sunday, 12 February 2012

Workshop Sorted!!!!!

Well, after much toil and sweat, the workshop is finally ready to begin work on the Polly. Yes, I'm excited too!
As soon as finances permit (I spent more than planned on shelves and bookcases, in addition to some sundries to get everything organised), I am off to order the Plywood and timber. 
Here's some pics of the progress.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Prices in Australia

Well, I have been doing the costings / ring-around for prices in preparation for buying raw materials. Holy crap, batman. Considering we have the strongest currency that we have had in a long time, prices here are ridiculous.

Ken makes mention of the total cost of plywood coming in at under USD$100. Well, here in Brisvegas, a single sheet of 6mm is around AUD$45! And that's not the good stuff.

A further shock came when I looked at the 'Titebond III' adhesive specified in the manual. Well, in the US it's $67 for TWO Gallons (7.5 Litres to English speaking people). The supplier here in Australia is asking AUD$59 for half of that. Talk about price gouging. Whilst I prefer to support the local bloke, if they're going to try to screw me, then stuff you CARBATEC. I'll buy it online. 

I shudder to think what the fibreglass (notice the correct spelling, my American friends?) is going to cost. Does anyone in QLD or Australia know of where to source epoxy resin and cloth from at a fair price? The plan is to fibreglass the entire bottom of the boat, and I don't want to buy the piddly little retail packs. Please help!

I have finally finished the job application process for the new job, so next weekend should be hopefully free of complications. With that in mind, I am planning on starting construction this weekend! Wish me luck!

Outboard Update

Well, I collected the outboard yesterday, and it's in good shape. I believe the problem with it is the throttle cam which acts upon the carb. Looks to be not affixed correctly to the throttle rod. Fingers crossed that it's any easy fix!!!

I did have terrible, terrible thoughts last night, and even looked at that auction site that rhymes with fee and gay for inflatable boats. Hmmmm, I could be on the water by next weekend! Had to tell myself to stop it. 'Stop it', I said. 

As previously mentioned, I really want to sail. Stink boats are faster, and more convenient, but not as satisfying. And especially no where near as satisfying as a home built boat! So, whilst the temptation was there, I stayed strong and kept the faith! STAY TUNED SPORTS FANS!

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Workshop and Outboard #2

Well, managed to get an Johnson 9.9HP motor from ebay for 'the right price' last night.

Whilst the 9.9 is too big for the Pollywog, the intent is to clean her up a bit, and either on sell for a profit, or swap for a 4HP outboard. About to go and collect it now.

Spent several hours in the workshop yesterday. It's getting there! Still needs a touch more organising, so I purchased a couple of shelving units yesterday. Will assemble them this afternoon. 

The photo above was actually taken at the start of yesterday, and looks considerably better now! Disposed of some crap, got the mig welder trolley better sorted. 

Wish me luck with the outboard!

Tuesday, 31 January 2012


In this post, I'm on the scrounge! 

Whilst the primary use for the boat (and I'm looking for (creative) names here as well people), is for weekend sailing on Moreton bay and local dams, I also plan on using it for a little fishing. 

To that end, I'm looking for an outboard, used, in the 3.3 - 4 hp range. The caveat being that it needs to be in the Brisbane, Australia area. 

So, if you have one you'd like to part with, or know of someone who has, please drop me a line. And no, that's not an invitation for spam, thanks!!!! Seriously.

Monday, 30 January 2012

Plans Printed

Well, I have the complete plans from Ken (designer of the Pollywog). Spent a little time at work this afternoon (I love foreign orders) printing and wire binding. 

The plans look all professional now, resplendent in their plastic covers. I've read and re-read the boat plans, and had a first pass at the sail plans. Hmmmm, plenty of scope for changes, and I think there may be a couple.

I'm still so excited by the thought of boat ownership again that I even broke the marine GPS to model with the manuals! Sadly, it wasn't the best photo. 

On the subject, I have a Magellan Meridian Marine which is a few years old now. Still works like a charm. However, when I went to Magellan site to get the software for it, I was informed that they can no longer support old models, and that I should send it to them, and they will give me a credit against a new model. No mention of dollars involved. Hmmmm, not very happy with Magellan. It's not like I'm asking them to keep developing for old models, but I see no reason to not have existing apps / drivers left on the website. Very poor in my eyes, and it will be the last Magellan product I ever purchase. Hear that, Magellan? You can get stuffed.

Still have much garage cleaning / organising to do, so I'm off to do that.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Decision made!

Well, after some months of deliberation, I have finally decided on my new boat. After owning a few boats in the past, the most recent a Boomerang 22. Circumstances meant that the Boomer has moved on, and I'm now living in a small unit with a single garage.

The options to alleviate my lack of marine mobility were limited primarily by the lack of space to store a trailer boat, and the lack of funds for a moored boat (Very expensive mooring fees). Also, living in a backwards state (Queensland, Australia), meant that a public mooring was affordable, but completely unfeasible. Why? Because it's the public service catch 22. Our beloved, completely-divorced-from-the-real-world public servants expect you to have a registered boat before you can get a public mooring. The kicker is that the waiting list is measured in years. So, they expect you to anchor your boat somewhere, and then move it every three days for 10 years until a mooring becomes available. Halfwits......

Anyway, the most convenient option was looking to be an inflatable boat and outboard. They are not too expensive from some of the 'online auction' website  (I am not advertising for the bastards!) sellers, but the drawbacks were durability and no sailing option. 

Well, after much Googling and researching, I found a two part dinghy with a sail option called the Pollywog. The site is here

Check it out. I ordered the dinghy plans, and whilst checking them out, I received an email from Ken the designer offering the plans for the mast and sail for free. Excellent value i thought! 

So, I have printed the plans, and have started the cleaning the shed out. Yes, it 's full of tools and stuff, so I need to get that all sorted first. But the enthusiasm is there, and so is the boy like excitement at the thought of being back on the water.

Stay tuned!